The Federal Government of Somalia has a new deal with Liberty Petroleum.

Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, Somalia's Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources (left) shakes hands with Liberty Petroleum chief executive Lane Franks after signing a groundbreaking upstream exploration deal. (Photo: Somali Petroleum Authority - SPA)

The Federal Government of Somalia signed an oil exploration deal with the Liberty Petroleum, a respected American company based in Phoenix, Arizona. This agreement grants Liberty Petroleum the right to explore three offshore blocks within Somali’s Deepwater zone.

This is a significant development with the potential to unlock valuable resources that will benefit all Somalis. Responsible exploration of these blocks could lead to increased government revenue, which can be invested in crucial areas like education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. Additionally, the agreement with Liberty Petroleum creates opportunities for job creation within Somalia’s oil and gas sector, fostering economic growth and empowering our skilled workforce.

Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting partnership progresses!

This photograph depicts representatives from the Federal Government of Somalia alongside a delegation from Liberty Petroleum.
This image features a meeting between the Somali Federal Government and Liberty Petroleum.