Geology and hydrocarbon potential of offshore SE Somalia

Geology and hydrocarbon potential of offshore SE Somalia

Abstract: Interpretation of a 20 550 line km 2D seismic survey acquired in 2014 by Soma Oil and Gas in the deep water offshore area of SE Somalia has identified three previously undocumented sedimentary provinces – Jubba Deep, Mogadishu. Deep and Mid Somalia High – all of which have distinctive geological characteristics. Well and stratigraphic controls are limited, with inferred lithologies largely based on seismic stratigraphic interpretation. The Jubba Deep has a thick Late Cretaceous–Early Tertiary deltaic section deformed by major gravitational collapses in the Paleocene-age Kismaayo Thrust Belt (KTB) and the Pliocene-age Baraawe Thrust Belt (BTB). It is proposed that the KTB has significant hydrocarbon potential in deltaic and pro-delta sands trapped in thrust anticlines and sourced with oil from MidCretaceous mobile shales.



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