Who we are

Somali Petroleum Authority (SPA) was established in July 2020 following the Presidential ratification of the Petroleum Law on 8 February 2020. The law establishes the SPA as the competent and inclusive authority to regulate the development of the oil & gas industry under the jurisdiction of the National Resources Council. We apply all regulatory principles of equality, openness, accountability, transparency and non-discrimination in the interests of all the Somali people.

There are members on the Board of the SPA representing from the Regional Member States and the Benadir Region and two representing the Federal Government. The role of the Board is to ensure that any production of petroleum will benefit all Somalis. Each member was selected for their knowledge, professionalism, competence, and integrity.
The legislative framework that governs all petroleum activities, the 2020 Petroleum Law, is modern, clear and written in accordance with English Law, with input from all stakeholders to ensure it is fit for purpose for the international petroleum industry.

The Ministry and the SPA will work together to achieve the government’s vision towards the development of oil and gas sector of the country


Regulating the sustainable development ofSomalia’s socio-economic transformation through diligent petroleum resource management, while instilling world class professionalism, accountability, and transparency.


Our objective is to ensure that the fiscal and regulatory regime is internationally competitive to attract investment, while delivering an equitable proportion of any future revenues to the Somali people