As is written in the Petroleum Law, the function of the Somali Petroleum Authority is:

  • To regulate, through the issuance, monitoring, modification and enforcement of authorizations and the issuance of decisions, orders and directions under this Law and the Regulations, the conduct of petroleum operations in accordance with the subject to the provisions of this law;
  • To ensure the proper qualification of authorized persons, including without limitation, ensuring that authorized persons are commercially and financially competent, and creditworthy persons with the technical capability to perform their obligations
  • To ensure compliance by the relevant persons with any authorization, rule, decision, order or direction issued by the SPA in accordance with this law
  • Study and keep under review matters relating to the petroleum industry which the Ministry requests the SPA to monitor, and report from time to time on such matters and recommend such measures as it considers necessary or advisable in the public interest for the control and development of that industry.